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my 10x10 variated

First set:
Text only icons. Whether its a quote or a lyric, create ten different text only icons.

Second Set:
Icons with a large black or white space. Fairly self explanatory.

Third Set:
Black and White icons with a dash of colour.

Fourth Set:
Lyric icons. Pick one song and include some of the lyrics as text on your icons. 

Hans Zimmer lyrics,
Drink Up Me Hearties

Fifth Set:
Same picture. Pick one picture and create ten different icons from it.

Sixth Set:
Cropping. Everyone loves a well-cropped icon.


Seventh Set:
Blending. Each icon has to include blended pics. Can be the same picture more than once or multiple pics

Eighth Set:
Animation. Whether its animating some text, animating two images within the same icon, creating animated rain or snow, or doing a proper animated icon

Ninth Set:
Humour. Create ten humour icons. Be creative.

Tenth Set:
Your choice. Make ten icons however you want.

Please Credit  innocentkittie  or ikgraphics 
comment are welcome
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