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New Layout Design Contest

Well, this has happened a bit faster than I'd hoped for, but such is life. Our beautiful fall layout has been disconnected (exceeding bandwith or something). Now, I don't know about some of you but I am not as familiar with HTML codes and all that jazz. And what ended up happening in my attempts to fix the situation...well, I just made it worse.

Issue #1
Is there anyone who is fabulous at coding who could teach me what means what? Or just a copy and paste situation would also work wonders. :) That way we can have SOMETHING to look at while the contest is running.

Issue #2
We're having a CONTEST! Please submit your banners to this post after reading the rules located there. The contest will run for two weeks. December 6 - 20, 2010. Then we will have voting open for one week. On December 27, I will announce the new winner and get that banner up!

Please feel free to ask any questions at this post since the entry/rule post will have screened comments.

Thank you and Happy Designing!

Your Mod
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