Fox and the Hound


For everyone who has gotten bored with this community, CHECK THIS OUT!

I am now offering a new challenge of 100 icons with guidelines.

This is called the "Half/Half Challenge". Half of your icons will be themed while the other half will have our traditional guidelines.

So the challenge looks like this:
50 Themes
First Ten: EmotionsSecond Ten: ColorsThird Ten: Opposites Part 1Fourth Ten: Opposites Part 2Fifth Ten: Random Themes
001: Happy
002: Sad
003: Angry
004: Energetic
005: Sleepy
006: Calm
007: Bored
008: Determined
009: Loved
010: Lonely
011: Red
012: Orange
013: Yellow
014: Green
015: Blue
016: Purple
017: Brown
018: Pink
019: Multi
020: Black & White
021: Hot
022: Round
023: Tan
024: Fast
025: Summer
026: Royalty
027: Music
028: Animals
029: Destruction
030: City
031: Cold
032: Square
033: Pale
034: Slow
035: Winter
036: Poverty
037: Silence
038: Plants
039: Creation
040: Country
041: Mirror
042: Beauty
043: Space
044: Memories
045: Naked
046: WTF
047: Honesty
048: Hidden
049: Magic
050: Carefree

50 Guidelines
Sixth Ten: Faceless

Seventh Ten: Couples

Eighth Ten: Singles

Ninth Ten: Crossover

Tenth Ten: Artist's Choice

What do you think? Just head over to the claims post to get started!
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This thing needs an alarm... I know when it's time to post!


But this community needs a little rejuvenation. So I'm hard at work making a new set of guidelines and working out a new layout for the community. BUT I'M HTML ILLITERATE!!! And LJ's new style systems bothers me. HELP! Does anyone know how to do layouts in LJ that work???!!

ETA: Never mind. I got it up and running. The only difference is I lost the sidebar with all of the links. So the claims list can be found through the "website" at the top of the page and through the Profile. New table of 10x10 coming soon!

Call for Ideas

Well I have loved seeing all the new claims being completed. They are fantastic! I am thinking of making a third set of ten to give some of you repeaters something new to try. So I'm looking for ideas. What do you have? Do you have a trend you love? Or better yet, one you've created and are dying to spread? SHARE!


So my one week leave of absence turned into two weeks of craziness. So any comments/emails that were sent were seen and then forgotten. I've only just now gotten around to getting back to them. Bottom line. All claims automatically received a small extension due to the fact that I wouldn't have noticed even if you'd completed it. So the list now stands as...

"Sanctuary" by raven_moon due by Jan 2nd
"Vampire Diaries" by kalina_blue due by Jan 4th

Extended Claims
"Edward Scissorhands" by visionfantastic due by Feb 14th
"WWE wrestler CM Punk" by bluepunk due by Feb 14th

Claims Coming Up!
The Women of "Vampire Diaries" by accrues due by Jan 28th
"Tangled" by just_miya due by Feb 2nd

Also I'm still taking entries for a banner. I have two that look awesome and I would love more. If not, one will be put up by the end of the week.

Thank you for your patience!
Your Loving Mod