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So my one week leave of absence turned into two weeks of craziness. So any comments/emails that were sent were seen and then forgotten. I've only just now gotten around to getting back to them. Bottom line. All claims automatically received a small extension due to the fact that I wouldn't have noticed even if you'd completed it. So the list now stands as...

"Sanctuary" by raven_moon due by Jan 2nd
"Vampire Diaries" by kalina_blue due by Jan 4th

Extended Claims
"Edward Scissorhands" by visionfantastic due by Feb 14th
"WWE wrestler CM Punk" by bluepunk due by Feb 14th

Claims Coming Up!
The Women of "Vampire Diaries" by accrues due by Jan 28th
"Tangled" by just_miya due by Feb 2nd

Also I'm still taking entries for a banner. I have two that look awesome and I would love more. If not, one will be put up by the end of the week.

Thank you for your patience!
Your Loving Mod
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