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For everyone who has gotten bored with this community, CHECK THIS OUT!

I am now offering a new challenge of 100 icons with guidelines.

This is called the "Half/Half Challenge". Half of your icons will be themed while the other half will have our traditional guidelines.

So the challenge looks like this:
50 Themes
First Ten: EmotionsSecond Ten: ColorsThird Ten: Opposites Part 1Fourth Ten: Opposites Part 2Fifth Ten: Random Themes
001: Happy
002: Sad
003: Angry
004: Energetic
005: Sleepy
006: Calm
007: Bored
008: Determined
009: Loved
010: Lonely
011: Red
012: Orange
013: Yellow
014: Green
015: Blue
016: Purple
017: Brown
018: Pink
019: Multi
020: Black & White
021: Hot
022: Round
023: Tan
024: Fast
025: Summer
026: Royalty
027: Music
028: Animals
029: Destruction
030: City
031: Cold
032: Square
033: Pale
034: Slow
035: Winter
036: Poverty
037: Silence
038: Plants
039: Creation
040: Country
041: Mirror
042: Beauty
043: Space
044: Memories
045: Naked
046: WTF
047: Honesty
048: Hidden
049: Magic
050: Carefree

50 Guidelines
Sixth Ten: Faceless

Seventh Ten: Couples

Eighth Ten: Singles

Ninth Ten: Crossover

Tenth Ten: Artist's Choice

What do you think? Just head over to the claims post to get started!
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