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10x10 Variated

100 Icons With Guidelines

10x10 Variated -100 Icons With Guidelines
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10x10 Variated!

Welcome to 10x10variated! The idea for this community comes from 10variations combined with all the different 100 icon challenges. Basically, you make a claim (be it a pairing, celebrity, movie, or tv show) and make 100 icons of said claim. But the twist is, you must follow the guidelines given for making those icons. There are ten different ways of making your icons, you must use each ten on ten icons in your set. Sound confusing? Check out the rules below, they should help you understand. :)
First Ten: Use only the original images, changing the color only and nothing else. Color each icon differently, using different color fill layers or adjustment layers. No text, textures, gradients, brushes, or stock images allowed. -This helps you find new ways of coloring your icons.

Second Ten: Every icon must have readable text on it. As well, every icon must have a different font. Do not use fonts that are excessively popular at the time (i.e. Action Jackson, Violation, Cooper Black) -This helps you find new, fun fonts to use.

Third Ten: Use a texture on every icon. A different texture must be used on each one. -Helps you learn the ways of texture use.

Fourth Ten: Every icon must include a stock image. NO CLOUDS! I cannot stress this enough, clouds have been so overdone! lol There are many more stock images you can use. Find FREE stock images at SXC.HU. -Helps you learn the ways of using stock images.

Fifth Ten: Rotate the images. This can be done any way, upside down, to the right, the left, caddy cornered, whatever. -Helps you be more creative with cropping and image placement.

Sixth Ten: Images must be black and white.

Seventh Ten: On each icon, use one effect feature from the Effects menu in your Photoshop or Paintshop.

Eighth Ten: Every icon must be less than 100x100 pixels. (i.e. The sides must be uneven.)

Ninth Ten: Every icon must use one popular icon trend that is hot at the time. This changes frequently but it will be easy since you see these trends everywhere. (i.e. when these rules were written the trends were dirty textures, Action Jackson font, bright hue and saturation coloring, blurry images, etc.) -Trends are done over and over, but it's still nice to know you can do them. Don't be afraid to copy! ;)

Tenth...Ten. :): Free for all! Do whatever you want with these ten! :D
make your claim!

You can claim:
TV shows*

So, sound fun? Then make your claim and start iconing!

1. Make your claim at this post. Make sure you put "jellybean" as the magic word in your comment, to indicate you've read the rules.
2. Join the community.
3. Make your icons!
4. Post your FULL 100 ICONS to the community no later than six weeks after you make your claim. Do not post your icons in small batches.
5. DO NOT link to a friends-locked post. If your LJ/icon comm is Friends Only, please put your icons in a post to this comm.
6. If you request an extension at any point before your icons are due you will get a three week extension from your due date. If your due date comes and goes you will get a ten day extension. You can only have one extension. If you have not posted your icons by the time your extended due date passes your claim will be automatically deleted from the list.
7. After you've completed your set, comment at the Hall Of Fame post with a link to your posted icons.

*Please note, when claiming a TV show, you cannot claim single episodes. You can claim the whole series, or one particular season. When claiming mini-series, you can claim the whole series or one particular episode
Looking for a new challenge?

As of 8 March 2008 we have introduced a new set of icon challenges. These can be done only by people who have already completed and posted a set of icons from the original challenge.
The usual rules apply - only one person can claim something at one time. This means, even if you are doing the second set, if someone has already claimed an icon theme you cannot claim it as well.

First Ten: Text only icons. Whether its a quote or a lyric, create ten different text only icons.

Second Ten: Icons with a large black or white space. Fairly self explanatory. (example)

Third Ten: Black and White icons with a dash of colour. aka 'Sin City' style. (example)

Fourth Ten: Lyric icons. Pick one song and include some of the lyrics as text on your icons. Try and get as many different lyrics in your set as possible.

Fifth Ten: Same picture. Pick one picture and create ten different icons from it. Crop it differently, rotate it, add and subtract text, do whatever you want as long as they are all different.

Sixth Ten: Cropping. Everyone loves a well-cropped icon. Have ten different icons with interesting cropping. (the difference between a framed icon and a cropped icon: cropped / framed)

Seventh Ten: Blending. Each icon has to include blended pics. Can be the same picture more than once or multiple pics in the one icon. (example)

Eighth Ten: Animation. Whether its animating some text, animating two images within the same icon, creating animated rain or snow, or doing a proper animated icon, create ten icons with some animation involved. (example of easy animation)

Ninth Ten: Humour. Create ten humour icons. Dont be intimidated by this - it doesnt necessarily mean you have to add funny text or anything (though you certainly can). Sometimes the caps on their own are funny. Sometimes a simple 'WTF' icon is amusing. Be creative.

Tenth...Ten. :): Your choice. Make ten icons however you want. :O)

(all example icons by tattooedsiren)
Interested in Animation?

Our comm was previously devoted to Live-Action claims. However, being the animation nut that I am, I've decided to open it up to animated characters/movies as well. Sorry, still no Anime. (Unless I see lots of comments requesting it.) But Animated Movies are now open!
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